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Jun 12 2008

Are you going to miss East Lansing?

Those were the words of my friend from work Skip the other night as we were walking out of the building. It’s weird. I don’t think I am. I’m going to miss the memories, but the “feeling” of the city (if that even makes sense) is something I don’t know if I’ll miss. I’ve always been in a suburb. I grew up in one, East Lansing is one. Newark is just so…different from what I’ve lived in and experienced, yet it feels natural to be there. That’s been one of the sources for excitement for me as institute gets closer (and therefore my move). I went out to lunch the other day with my former academic advisor and my thesis chair/mentor. Both have become really good friends over the past couple years and lunch was the first opportunity I had to interact with both of them on a “non-student” basis. It was fun. I really am going to miss them both. My interactions with them have certainly fueled my drive to do my best in TFA and to be successful because they are the only ones outside of my family who have shown a genuine interest in wanting to be kept up to date on how things are going.

I’m lucky to have found a roomate to live with and her and I get along with real well. We just got off the phone after talking for like an hour and a half about random stuff and I feel as comfortable talking to her as I do with some of my friends. After striking out miserably with roomates in college, I think I found a good match. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve been reading other corps members’ blogs who are in the Houston institute which has already started. Reading their mix of excitement and anxiety only fuels my desire to be IN Philly teaching right NOW as opposed to knowing I don’t start until June 29th.

I caught this article on earlier today:


If you scroll down to K, you’ll see that in the A-Z of amazing jobs, Kindergarten teacher is the “K”. Go me!

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